There’s no problem
With asking for what you want
The vitalities of life
Is what I need right now
To make me whole
Love, peace, and joy
I want them, let me get it
I want this here love
I want that old-school kind of love
90s R&B men ballads,
In the car singing my heart out kind of love
Traveling After 7 to H-Town
Making room every night
For this kind of love
Midnight, late in my feelings,
Dreaming of you kind of love
Drowning in my floor
Swirling in lyrics of Marvin
Kind of love
The Michael Jackson
Lady of my life verse number 2
Kind of love
The “you’re the one for me”
Because “I believe in you and me”
Whitney always loving you
Kind of love
The Coltrane to your
Love Supreme kind of love
That’s all I want
I want peace and tranquility
I want that head to my pillow,

Pitch black, no alarm clock needed
Kind of peace
The trailing in the wilderness,
I dare you come find me
Kind of peace
The down South, willow trees
Humming just for me
In the breeze kind of peace
The sparks flying off my pen
Because my paper is lit
Kind of peace
The bills paid, doors locked,
Everybody leave me alone
Kind of peace
The “I’d rather talk to my book friends
Than you” kind of peace
That’s all I want
I want that joy
That sounds of blackness “joy”
Kind of joy
The after-school, act like I have
No homework, playing outside
With dem kids down the street
Kind of joy
The “I wear my natural hair,
Whatchu gon say about it?”
Fresh off those flexi rods
Kind of joy
The “I made this, and you bought it”
First sale kind of joy
The canceled plans I didn’t want
To go to in the first place,
Introvert vibes kind of joy
The “found one hundred dollars in front of Walmart
After I didn’t have enough money
In the store” kind of joy

The “I left food in the ’frigerator,
It better be there” and it is kind of joy
The waking up to self-care day
All day long kind of joy
The covers over my head,
Watching Spike Lee movies
Because I see myself in them
Kind of joy
The wrapped in my mother’s arms,
Joyous she is still here kind of joy
That’s all I want
Is that too much to ask for?