Typewriter Gallery

An Interactive Installation in the Heart of the Fest.

In 1917, the Underwood Typewriter Company built a factory at 56 Arbor Street that would go on to produce “the world’s first modern typewriter.” The company shut its doors in 1969; Real Art Ways moved in twenty years later. The legacy of Underwood as a pioneer in creative and literary enterprises hasn’t been forgotten.

At the Connecticut Literary Festival, we’re celebrating CT’s typewriter-tradition through our Typewriter Gallery, creating a link between the past and the present in an interactive installation.

We’ve set up desks with manual and electric typewriters, lamps, and a tiny vase of flowers. This is your chance to write—poetry, prose, grocery lists, letters you’d never send—pick a desk, and type. If you’re stuck, the “Prompt Pond” is available with ideas to get you started.

When you’re done, hang your prose or poetry on the wall. And then read the work of others, and watch the installation spread across the walls. It will be covered by the end of the day. This space was very popular in 2019. And, well, it’s pretty cool.