“Females are too sensitive,” they say.
“Females know how to keep it real,” they say.
“Females talk a lot,” they say.
But then again . . .
“Females are too aggressive,” they say.
“Females are fake,” they say.
“Females are too quiet,” they say.
It never ends.
Pick a side, I say.
Pick a side. 

There are too many rules for us to abide.
Anything we do or say is always taken in the wrong way.
Anything we say or do is always a problem in the world’s view.
We fix our hair, we fix our clothes,
we paint our fingers and our toes,
some even contour their nose
but still don’t reach the standard. 

Some put on makeup
after a breakup
or just to dress up,
impress up.
But then we are hiding our natural face,
Rated one out of ten,
lowering our confidence and then
we are labeled by these crazy things we call men.

You can’t wear too much makeup.
But then again . . .
You can’t leave the house without it.
No joy.
You can’t show too much skin or wear clothes that are too tight.
But then again . . .
You can’t be fully covered or you’ll look like a boy.
Pick a side, I say.
Pick a side.

The world is male dominated,
females hated, rated, weighted.
Females have to achieve something to be respected.
Why can’t we support each other and be a collective?
It’s hard enough being a female,
not to mention a Black one.
Let’s try to support one another
and be united as one.

A word that isn’t worth all the hype.
Some may be false, some may be true,
but everything is different in someone else’s shoes,
so try looking through our point of view.
Pick a side, I say.
Pick a side.