The Central Connecticut State English Department in conjunction with the Connecticut Literary Festival annually publishes an anthology of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by Connecticut writers.

The anthology was generously supported by an anonymous donor grant, which was administered by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

ISBN: 9781732414143 Anthology cover by our talented designer, Jillian Goeler from Jag Ink

2020 Anthology Celebrating Nutmeg Writers
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Anthology Reader’s Guide. Central Connecticut State University English Department faculty wrote the guide. It includes study questions and writing prompts on twelve pieces published in the 2020 anthology. The guide was designed for educators, librarians, and book groups. Click to Download the Anthology Guide.

Anthology past contributors: 2020 (the vanguard) 
Janet L. Bannister, Charles V. Belson, Susan Cinoman, Ginny Lowe Connors, Jason Courtmanche, Catherine DeNunzio, Joanie DiMartino, Meghan Evans, Maura Faulise, Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Beth Gibbs, Cecilia Gigliotti, Nichole Gleisner, Sitara Gnanaguru, Emi Gonzalez, José B. González, Benjamin S. Grossberg, Avery Jenkins, B. Fulton Jennes, Sarah Darer Littman, Kiran Masroor, Melissa McEwen, Claudia McGhee, Nancy McMillan, Jean P. Moore, Steven Ostrowski, Makenzie Ozycz, Aimee Pozorski, Kara Molway Russell, Vivian Shipley, Amy Sisson, Katherine Szpekman, Wendy Tarry, Mika Taylor, Marina Tinone, Jason Wilkins

It feels like we have become unglued from one another since March of 2020; masked strangers passing each other in anonymity. But this anthology glues us back together and helps us find ways to heal and talk with one another. Important stories are told, and we should heed them. Lisa Comstock, Director for Connecticut Center for the Book

This anthology brings together poets, fiction writers, and essayists to create a snapshot of the rich and varied work being done in the Nutmeg State. The voices in this anthology offer us a mirror of our times, reflections of other times, and meditations on the state of our hearts. Readers looking for evidence of Connecticut’s vibrant literary community will find it here. —Sarah P. Strong, The Mouth of Earth

The Connecticut Literary Festival is an annual celebration of the literary arts hosted at Real Art Ways in Hartford. Join us online this Fall to celebrate the vibrant literary scene in the Nutmeg state.